A paradise called "Gostoso"

São Miguel do Gostoso is a small fishing village, quiet, with welcoming and hospitable people. It is located just 100 km north of Natal - 500 km south of Fortaleza. From the International airport it takes about an hour's drive. The beaches are completely deserted with constant breezes ideal for kitesurfing or windsurfing or simply to relax in contact with nature.

The Fine Print


The energy is 220 V 60 Hz; most battery chargers in mobile phones or laptops work normally without adapters.


Banks and exchange:

In São Miguel do Gostoso there are no banks and to change euros only at the airport or at Natal. there is an ATM to withdraw Reais. Most shops, bars and restaurants accept credit and pre-paid cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, American Express, etc.).


Post Office:

It is open from Mon to Fri from 8:00 to 12:00 h


Hospital and first aid:

We hope that there is no need but in case of emergency it works 24H


Pharmacies and medicines:

There are three pharmacies well supplied, in any case we advise you to bring with you a small personal pharmacy that includes, in addition to the usual medicines, an ointment for insect bites, a mosquito repellent, a total solar protector and a after-sun. Remember the t-shirts Lycra anti-UV.


Telephone and Internet:

Here Wi-Fi can be found almost everywhere you go and for free, so to call with WhatsApp you have no problems. To call Brazil from Italy dial 0055 (or +55), followed by the city code (Natal is 84), plus the number of the subscriber.



The official language is Brazilian Portuguese, which has an accent and a different cadence from that spoken in Portugal.


Climate and temperature:

From the tourist point of view the most suitable period is certainly between November and April, dry season, with sun and relative absence of high humidity levels. The seasons are exactly opposite to those of Europe except in the North and Northeast regions of the country where the climate is tropical and it is practically always summer. The average annual temperature is around 28º C in the Northeast region. The constant breeze that comes from the sea, mythical the feeling of warmth.



The big cities like Natal, Fortalezza, like all the big cities of the world can be insecure in some areas and in some times that are notoriously recommended for the visit. The normal rules of prudence such as not to bring a lot of money or not to show off precious will avoid unpleasant experiences. São Miguel do Gostoso is fortunately still a peaceful oasis.



During the day: light and practical clothes, preferably made of cotton, swimsuits, sarongs, Bermudas, sunglasses with dark lenses, bandana or hat. Comfortable shoes, preferably open sandals and slippers. In the evening: we recommend very light and informal clothing, such as knee-length bermudas and sandals.


Time zone:

The time difference between Salvador and Rome is four hours (five with daylight saving time).



In Brazil, running water is not drinkable so never drink tap water, always bottled.


Restaurants and Bars:

There are specialized restaurants with local and international gastronomy of high level, for all budgets. Next to the pousada we have a Japonese restaurant "Sushi Gostoso Bar & Temakeria", open every evening from 18:00 to 23:00 H - Menu: À la carte.


Supermarkets and food:

There are many in the center, the closest to the Pousada is 500 meters.



For any other information or clarifications you can contact us. We are at your disposal.